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The Final Game
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2020-11-22 14:23:20 (UTC)


I head on to the office. Out from the safety of my den. Being an introvert has given the advantage of being in lockdown ill tell you that. The extroverts were complaining and bitching in just a few weeks of not partying with their friends. 8 months at home and now I'm starting to feel the real isolation. And now its time to head back out again.

What I will miss the most is feeding the crows. At lunch time they perch up on the tree opposite my window like a scene from a Hitchcock movie. As soon as I come on the window they all fly to me. Crows are intelligent and they identify humans. I will miss them. When you are working indoors all day you miss the little things outside the concrete prison.

Also in news turns out I can't grow a successful beard. My facial hair is kind of strange. I don't grow hair. I grow bristles. Yeaah like the ones on the toothbrush or a shoe shinning brush. Thick and long. I've tried thrice and now I've given up. I will always have the Neo look. But it suits me as I see myself as a vampire so they too have the clean shaven look. No lycan for me.

I've seen several instsnces where health during the youth can affect the old age. My friend who is a martial artist had to go under surgery and he is almost 50 years. Doc said that only reason he survived is thanks to his training and condition of his body. Old people who survived Corona all were very active in their youths. Body builders to athletics. My own grandfather used to play football with me in his 60s. So all you smartphone addicts and lazy assed have been warned. You know what I'm talking about. We all will die. But some sooner than others.

I like feeling evil.

Sunday 1400 hrs.
Its a lazy day.