London Life
2020-11-22 07:51:40 (UTC)

The last evening task

Having not gone to get my inner tube yesterday, we went to the bike shop today to be told they were out of stock, something which I don't think has happened before. So I had to get the Tube to get to Poplar. The Metropolitan Line was fairly empty, the Central Line less so, but although there were empty seats I stood by the doors to get some distance from everyone. The District Line was also manageable and I ran the last km before getting my usual coffee and vegan cake from the Works Cafe.

I was in good spirits when I arrived, joking with Tracey, Becky from Track Attack, Aidan and Chi, who had no bike locks and when he said he cheated by driving, I asked if that was why he's called Chi. Tracey said she won't be able to do Track Attack for a while as she's injured, I said she could bring the cakes. It's great to have my ear working properly again. When I heard there was leaflet folding on offer, I immediately offered to take on that task, though sadly sweet Ivy didn't join us. It was a good task to chat while doing, and I enjoyed talking to Becky (track attack), Sophie and another girl, except when they stated taking about ITV's 'Get Me Out of Here'. Richard, the man in charge said there were no more evening CA sessions.

I thought I might have been walking back to the station with Jacqui, but she wasn't there so I ran it. The bonus about getting the Tube is to admire mini-skirted girls, given a proper time to enjoy it, as opposed to brief encounters in the street or park. Jack had got take-away curry, which I couldn't finish. After watching Have I Got News for You, I went and got my folding bike from the shed, but Jack couldn't sort out the brakes so I'll be on the Tube again tomorrow.