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2020-11-22 07:24:34 (UTC)

Swollen to the Bone

Dearest Diary,
Have you ever been so swollen that even your bones hurt? My younger brother is coming to stay with me for a few days, and I didn't want him to think I was still a slob after coming to college, so I spent the last five hours deep cleaning my room. No more laundry, trash, nothing. Even my makeup is organized. It so clean. Anyway, since I was walking around and moving things from place to place, it's no surprise that my poor feet got swollen, but why do my bones hurt too.... waaah, this is why I don't like being productive.
Now that everything is squeaky clean, I still can't go to bed... so tired... Because I have an assignment that's due in about 21 hours that I haven't even started hehe :P
So now I'm working on that. Luckily the script is based off an earlier assignment, so at least I don't have to code from scratch buuuuut ugh. My laptop also is being annoying and not letting me dual boot. I'm chugging energy drinks to deal with my stress. Anyway, since I can't dual boot, I'm currently downloading the software on my main OS which is a whole hastle and isn't going to run as smooth, but oh well. OOOOOOOooo yay. I just checked it and it is done loading now.
I better go work on that then.
Wish me luck,