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2020-11-22 06:03:25 (UTC)

This batch is hell

Batch 2 is now finished and batch 3 is going to start tomorrow. I don't know what to expect from batch 3 but hearing our chem professor discuss things about the subject is really terrifiying and at the same time really challenging because there are lot of things to keep in mind. But what I am concerned about is the midterm exams being 1 week after the start of batch 3 which is not enough time if you ask me. THey keep rushing things which is no good for me because I feel so drained from doing so many things. Even though I can manage my time properly. Even if you ask the people who are doing good, they can also get tired if their system fails them. I got nothing else to do besides requirements. All I have to do is spend my energy to do this requirements in order to get good grades. Even if I get sleep deprived or stressed. We still fighting.

I'm optimistic that I will pass this 1st sem with good grades. Although I'm not expecting to have high marks. Atl least I did myself and I make myself proud of me. I'm confident of myself even though I feel like quitting but yeah no quitting for me. I will become an engineer soon. No need to be pessimistic about everything. I think this will be the last journal entry for now. I hope everything goes right and nothing goes wrong in the future. I will strive to be better.