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2020-11-20 21:58:58 (UTC)

i mostly come on here to rant. ..

i mostly come on here to rant. so most of my my entry’s have so many typos we’ll just in general i’m not the best at writing but i try my best. in my rants i try to write them where i (try to) explain my emotions and my thoughts well.

i really don’t go out much but i recently had to go out for senior pictures and i went out yesterday to a street market. at both outings my anxiety wasn’t that bad which is an improvement. i am doing good, i have been in a good mood but sometimes i do get a little agitated just from being at home 25/7. since covid cases are rising i definitely don’t want to go out.

so i texted my ex how i felt...and that’s when i realized he wasn’t that fucking great. i officially need to leave him in the past. he’s so childish for me.

i haven’t left loved by someone in a long time. i want to find someone i have a connection with. show how much we care for each other. while i’m typing this it’s bringing back memories about a girl i was talking to. i’ve been having her on my mind for the last week. we have a class with each other but we don’t keep our cameras on and we have our mics muted. i don’t even know if she knows that its me. i don’t even know if she would considered us talking. i want to text her but my anxiety says no. i am just a hopeless romantic, one day i’ll find someone.

i’ve been thinking if i should put a profile of myself but i like it being like this so mysterious since you don’t know my identity.

i have been making playlists on spotify. i title my playlist on how i’m feeling at that moment, titles that have meaning for people that came or in my life and titles about myself. I have been referring myself to she a lot ever since i changed my name on here to “she’s er”. i want to share my spotify because music says a lot about the person and maybe i’ll think about added a picture of myself.

stay safe and thanks for reading