the pursuit of happiness
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2020-11-22 04:39:00 (UTC)

Cry happy cry sad

Tonight while telling my daughter goodnight, she told me to come here... she pulled me to her. She was laying on her bed and pulled my head to her shoulder. I was very tired, but completely comfortable there. I started to get very sleepy, but my thoughts were conflicted as she lightly patted my back and arm. I thought...
- that’s sweet she’s trying to take care of me...
- that’s sad she needs a real long hug. I must have hurt her.
- this is maybe the longest gig she’s ever given me.
- man I’ve really put her in a place where she feels she needs extra love.
- I can’t believe how comfortable it is laying here.
- should inlay here longer or not chance overstaying my welcome.
- I feel tears...
I got up and told her I was falling asleep and that I loved her. She knew both... but saw my eyes. We didn’t talk about it. I smiled my best reassuring dad smile... I suck at being disingenuous. I’m very easy to read.