Nonsense and my life
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2020-11-22 04:10:40 (UTC)


I can’t even begin to describe the life I’m living now. How everything has changed. I even ended up in the hospital, but that happens when you’re suicidal. I think I found happiness but then he left me. Lately I have felt stuck. Like I’m standing still watching the world go on with out me. And I’m just stuck here watching. I can’t explain it any better than that. I cry more than I don’t and some times I think it’s be better to be dead. Yet I get up every day and continue. I have no idea considering there’s nothing keeping me here. I have the horrible thoughts again but the last time I said anything I ended up in the hospital. I guess now I know how to hide it better. I’ve been taking the meds but they’re not helping. I’m honestly out of fight. Like. What’s the point. We literally wake up to die. We work to die. Everything we do is a waste when you just die in the end. Literally that’s life. Live to die. Like. Can’t I just be done now?

Idk. I have a lot on my mind. Maybe this will be helpful.