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2020-11-22 03:04:25 (UTC)

Past Few Days

Dear Diary,
I'm fucked. I have a project due on Monday but I haven't started. I mights do it tomorrow or pull an all nighter. It's a really stupid math project about surface area. I'm pretty bad at math. Like not horrible, but not so great either. My spanish grades are horrible though. I haven't been doing the homework they assign us, and the teacher wanted to talk to me about that. I'm so tired right now. Like I don't wanna sleep, but I don't wanna be here either. As I wrote before, I'm in a TAG program, which is basically a Gifted program for smart kids. I seriously don't know how I got in. My parents don't understand how stupidly hard it is. Although it might just be me. I don't wanna be in TAG, or at my school. Whether you're in TAG or normal classes, my school treats you like shit either way. They yell for no reason, and hire the worst staff. Don't get me wrong though. There are some amazing and kind teachers there, but they're mostly bad. Like you try to tell them something or how you feel, but they just can't quite understand. I've been thinking about talking to my school counselor recently, but I don't think I should. I'm really bad at expressing how I feel. I hate to admit it, but I've recently got back into cutting. It's not very often I do it, just randomly. That's why I wanted to talk to my counselor. I don't wanna feel like a burden though. But just in case I make this public, I want everybody to now that it's okay to be selfish sometimes. It's okay to let yourself cry and be heard. If you don't have anybody, I'm always here. Just talk to somebody, and take care of yourself. Oh, another thing is that I've been contemplating whether I wanna make this public or not! I might make this public sometime. I'm just not sure. If I do though, please don't mind my problems.