Return of the OLJ
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2020-11-22 02:49:29 (UTC)

election past time flying

I realize I never wrote post election. Biden was elected, but even on this day, November 21, trump still has not conceded and is filing lawsuits all over the country against states and individuals in a ridiculous attempt to continue is damaging grasp on our country.

That aside, It is now almost Thanksgiving. Last week I had two appointments with an allergist to try to figure out why I've been breaking out in hives recently. I have no food allergies, but I am still very allergic to dust mites and now also allergic to grass, oak pollen, ragweed, and...CATS. This is a new development considering I've lived with cats most of life but for these last few years. Half of my blood test results are's not an autoimmune issue, so that's good. But still waiting on Thyroid and liver.

And back to the almost Thanksgiving thing. We aren't traveling this year due to covid, and are smoking a beef tenderloin at home instead. I'm handling that just fine; happy to not be spending a day coordinating a pre cooked dinner in Bob's small kitchen, or mingling with family I see every other year (although being with them after a Biden election would have been more pleasant). I am struggling with the rush forward of Christmas. I have to come flat out and say it. I don't like Christmas. I don't care about it. Maybe I hate it. Maybe I wish I didn't have to deal with it. And now, it is November 21, five days before Thanksgiving and all through my neighborhood houses are lit (and have been for a few weeks in some cases), because so many people are anxious to get this year over with and just get to christmas, their happy time, I suppose.

But it's just making me fucking fucking anxious and I hate it. I want to cry when I walk the dog past the lit up houses. I hope people take their lights down on December 26th.