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2020-11-21 19:07:51 (UTC)

Brothers can eat me!! 😤

Boy oh boy. I have three brothers that live in Hawaii. One of them still actually lived with my Mom while she was still alive. My oldest brother bought a home right next door. Third brother? Dunno but we haven't kept in touch. So my youngest brother (although he isn't young) decided to keep Mom's house all to himself. My Sister asked if he was going to share the wealth that Mom left behind and he said "What wealth?". hehe. Well, I knew this was gonna get ugly when our Mom passed away last June. Sis and I was thinking... how about the $855,000 dollar home that is paid for with no lien or loan on it? Like that kid said on tv "How bou dat?!" Haha. I mention it now because apparently, Mom was supposed to be buried over my Dad's grave. In Hawaii, it's common to do so due to the high prices of real estate. Anyway, my oldest brother which is the only cool brother (Next to me of course) went to visit Mom's grave to find out she still hasn't been buried with my Dad yet. Supposedly, they are pending some kind of payment still. I think this was a hint for us to help. Holy Effing Cow!!! Really! I mean $855K is not enough for my selfish brother to take care of it? We are talking $855K American dollars. Not pesos, not rand but U.S. effing dollars.

Anyway, Sister just told me this and I laugh. All I said to tell them that the check is in the mail. hehe. The greed of some people I tell you. Already got that much and rumor from Sis was that $300K is now missing from the safe deposit box my Mom had. Now this could be just my Sister stirring the pot so I told her that don't be all worked up on rumorville. But yeah, the house is for sure worth that much. So I say to my brothers in Hawaii. They can kiss my sweet okole! That's my butt for peeps that don't know Hawaiian. Here is our lime effing green home but I dunno, Mom liked it that way. It is what it is.

Speaking of butt, 6th workout again this week and some tone is coming back to my legs and yup... my sweet okole too. Liking it :),-HI,-96819_rb/581907_zpid/

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