always wth love

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2020-11-21 15:59:43 (UTC)

WTF moments + thank u letter

Hi am back
Does anyone have WTF moments in their lives that you didn't quite realized because you'd blinders on with other peoples pov have been seen.
I would say yes, I have seen it its quite evil to the fact of peoples limitation. If we should as people have an a balance of good and bad. I used to hold on possibility of love so desperately because I'd been abandoned so young at a critical time. I let my heart heal within these 2 years and am glad I'd focus on myself and build a based for myself with these degrees that have accomplished. I do feel a lot of this confident as grew in me within a new decade and fighting where do I fit. Even though, I'd a lot of set backs in my 20s don't regret all of them. I saw the light of many how peoples pov can damage your mental health and thought process as a person. If you're willing to allow it in your heart. Since, my ex and I spilt brought reality to focus for me as woman to build a future. I honestly thank him for all growth I've made since then, he will be always someone special to me. Life is mess and where ever you live in and am not afraid that anymore (I wish I'd someone sat me down talk to back at 20). There's no plan book for that, I guess. Looking back at the mirror now, I see a lot patterns that was unnecessary that I already said another entry. Do you see dam point... I do still find it uncomfortable that whenever I see my ex's father talking to my parents and don't get scared anymore. But, does bother me how they hurt me and their son when its the first relationship. I dont know if I ever will understand it and have gathered a lot more patience with people who dont know at a distance and my guard is up am not so native as once was.
Thanks for let me talk it all out on here.
I hope you've a great thanksgiving and Xmas. I wont be posting next month and see ya in new year.
always wth love