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2020-11-21 22:58:09 (UTC)


I don't feel like i put the day to such good use, although starting off well. I slacked, and allowed myself to be distracted. watching shows on netflix etc. I. was putting off some of the things i needed to do because I know it'll take a lot of figuring out and feeling around in the dark. working things out myself. even when im following tutorials step by step, there's always something that trips me up, like, for instance the version of squarepace that the youtuber is doing the tutorial on happens to be a totally different version than mine, so some of the steps they're follwoing aren't visble on my own screen. its the most annoying thing. but the funny thing i always figure it out. it's just that feeling like im stuck in the wilderness that i don't much like and am running away from. i realise that much of whats' left to complete my website IS a whole lot of feeling around in the dark - like customisation stuff, using custom CSS code, failing and figuring out. I need a table for that shit mannn. I need my fucking table. also cos i've just done a peel my face is senstive and itchy. i also feel like my nose and throat are to, so are my ears. like im coming down with something. i think i jus tneed to sleep. take piriton and sleep otherwise tomorrow will be heavy.

All this said, i did manage to figuire out a way to add my flat icons. that was half the battle tbh. now i jjust need to figure out how to adjust the font size, type and colour. after that, i'll do my before and afters. i should probably take photos of the tablets tomorrow as well tbh.