Rob Floyd
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2020-11-21 16:28:45 (UTC)

Lunchbreak (a parody)

Had some leftover Thai food (Pad Thai, #8 heat) that I had gotten from that little trailer on base yesterday. You know the one, where the wife cooks the food and the husband handles the orders and the cash. For some reason, the man is a rude son of a bitch. He has no customer service skills whatsoever. They are lucky that the food is so good there (its fantastic, and they give you a shitload, enough to last a normal person like 3 days). Anyway, I decided to give it right back to him yesterday, give him a little taste of his own medicine. Ya pay around 10-13$$$ for the food (but its worth it, dont get me wrong), you might as well get your moneys' worth. they were pretty busy when I got there, there were about 3 people ahead of me, and the wife who is so sweet, unlike him, usually only cooks one order at a time. Good thing I had an hour for lunchbreak. So when I asked him for pad Thai, heat #8, I knew he was gonna say "Its gonna be about half and hour". So I responded with, "why dont you hire some more goddamn employees?" The shocked look on his face was priceless. "Sir, its just me and my wife here, thats all there is. If you want the food, its gonna be at least a half hour." I did not want to upset his wife in any way, because like I said, she is a sweetheart, and she makes excellent EXCELLENT Thai food. So I tried to keep my voice down so she couldnt hear me in the back of the trailer. "Jesus Christ," I said, "Fine I'll wait". I handed him a $20, and I could see his hand shaking a bit. He gets like that when they get real busy over there. He gets flustered and what small amout of people skills he has, disappear. He gave me my reciept and my number. Didnt say much else. Its funny how bullies back down when you call out there bullshit. I remember the time at the gas station last year when i called out a jackass for smoking right by the pumps. Dumbass. I started walking inside and he started walking after me. So I stopped, and i wasnt going any further. He was either gonna back down or there was gonna be a fight. Now Im a fairly big dude, about 6'1" and close to 200 lbs. Not that I think Im some sort of tough guy or anything. But I was bullied quite a bit in junior high and high school, and when I figured it out, I decided I wasnt going to be bullied anymore. Well this dude took about 3 more steps toward me, and i was ready to go, but he finally stopped about 10 feet from me and turned around. I hope if there are any young people or even adults out there reading my entries, they will understand how to handle bullies. There is only one way. DONT BACK DOWN. I dont encourage anyone to fight, but if it comes to that, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I was going to that day. I was ready for him. I thought he was coming, but as I said, he turned around and cussed on his way back to his car. Oh by the way, as far as my lunchbreak today, I had Indiana and the points against Ohio St. Easy money. Travis came through for me again.