ordinary, boring and hideous
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2020-11-21 18:44:12 (UTC)

What is the line between ..

What is the line between procrastination and laziness?

How to continue something on a daily basis?(from escaping addiction to making a habit)

Why does everyone around me seem to things about computers that I am clueless about?

What is the internet?(no one has been able to answer this because it comes with tough follow-ups)

What stops people from just going and doing things?

Is it just the children and adults around me or is everyone in the world dumb and bitter?

I don't really know or care about politics and stuff people consider to be important. should I be worried? How can I inform myself on these matters?

We all know fighting is dumb so why is war considered heroic?

The world would be infinitely better if it was ruled by women so why is it ruled by men?

Can no one else see that government is dumb?

Why can't I motivate and help myself? why do I crave human attention and companionship and how do I stop it(because I'm never going to get any)?

When did doing the right thing stop mattering? More importantly, I have a plan to get it back that I would like to discuss with you.(a topic which credits it's own ques