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2020-11-21 08:57:41 (UTC)

Screw that!! 😤

So my gym peeps asked me to host a bbq at my place. There are these two gym peeps that always work out together for awhile now. They're just friends so it's all good. Then this newer lady started working out with them too. To be honest, I'm not really too close to them except for Judy. There is this guy that is a very good gym person and he is in great shape. He could probably teach too but he's sort of a drain on my aura. You know the type? Just sucks the fun outta me. Maybe he's just a little too negative at times. His name is Kevin. For example, we are having our gym specials this November and even though my membership doesn't expire till May 2021, I'm seriously considering buying the 2 year membership and tacking it on to my current plan. The gym peeps talked about it. Some are taking the cheaper but slightly more expensive if you break it down monthly one year plan instead. It's still a good deal though. I on the other hand will be opting for the 2 year plan. Now Kevin is all against it and he is pushing for a different membership from Family Fitness instead. He talks about how much cheaper and better it is. He bitches about the coaches not coaching right and on and on and on. He bitches about the cost compared to other gyms. Well to me, he should not let the gym door hit his ass on the way out when his membership expires which I believe it in January. Good riddance I say.

Kevin forgets that this place not only got us in shape but it brought us together and we've made many friends over the years. We are all healthier too. I lost 48 lbs (pre-covid) since I joined. Not now though. hehe. I'm at 164 but my peak was 198 lbs. My low was 150. Anyway, my attitude is better, my outlook on life it better, I'm healthier, and when I did lose all that weight and I was having sex, I got nothing but compliments in that dept too. I know I shouldn't digress but Blue Faye did say everytime we made love, she couldn't even walk the next day. I thought that was made up crap but this was words from a woman so I didn't make it up. Even Tara before breaking up with me did say in her parting words that I had the hardest cock ever. 😱 Anyway, I now have lifelong friends from the gym and the gym has saved my soul pretty much by keeping me mentally sane. So for anyone to bad mouth the gym, my gym? Well then sorry. I will pick the gym before I become their friend.

I was asked to host that bbq and that's supposed to be for today. I was gonna but then they only invited people they knew. Like wth!? I will just twiddle my thumbs cooking popping open bottles of wine to people I'm not close to or know? Nope!! Not happening. And Kevin was going too? Pffft!! If I did host, I'd be serving dog and cat food instead. Not gonna cater to strangers and so-so friends. They just see my posts of Facebook and my many outings I do. Some of these people that were coming are married and they are bored hanging out with other married people doing boring mundane things (This is what Judy actually told me).

I have nothing against married people. I didn't even think or realize there is a separation of life between single and married people but I'm living my life the way I think is best for me. I didn't realize what I do was desirable by other married people and they want in on my social life to do the stuff I do. So today, it would have been 3 gym peeps. I was expecting all gym members coming but nope. Of the three gym people coming one lady is engaged and she was bringing her boyfriend that I never met. One gym peep is a woman and she was going to bring her husband that I don't know. The third is that infamous Kevin and he was going to bring his wife that I never met. So yeah...wth bbq social group is that? It makes me feel like a caterer instead of one of the guys hanging out.

So I put a kabash on today's bbq. I will instead do whatever the heck I want to do and hang out with people I want to hang out with. So.... getting bombarded with messages now. hehe I know it's to try to make me change my mind about cancelling. Pffft!!! Screw that. Kevin and his tribe can hang out on their own and spread bad auras amongst themselves.