The Jigsaw

The Final Game
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2020-11-21 17:39:20 (UTC)

while thy highness slumbers..

blissfully unaware of my deeds done.

i have come across some people who own a macbook but don't know how to operate them efficiently. and i mean they don't know how to cut and paste even. fuck sakes. they talk with the im too good for windows attitude and they say they got the macbook cause its a macbook and the uninformed always fall prey to the hype. Macbook is good if you know how to use it. sadly humans are gullible. they say they wanna do so much but when it gets time to do it they are clueless.

being underweight sucks. you get teased and bullied. thats one of the reason i joined martial arts is to basally lay some hurt on them. but then i realized its all about inner peace..hahaha. seriously you learn to fight to avoid ever to fight. sounds ironic but true. as my skills grew so did my vengeance. now i just feel that to kill them is the better option. be done with it. no forgiving and no second chance. no waste of time and money.

humans are strange at times. we write here to keep our thoughts in check. some write on habit and some cause we got nobody else to talk to.

do you believe in fate? coincidence?