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2020-11-21 11:56:56 (UTC)

I'm kind of a scientist myself.

so i did something i should have done months back, silly me. i connected my laptop to my main computer and used it as an extended display. good ol windows. So now i can handle my work on my main monitor and search and browse the internet on my laptop. using the same keyboard and mouse.

whats cool is dragging the window from one screen to another. right now i'm doing it thru my wifi but if i had my hdmi cable it would be smoother.

next week i will continue my human interactions...wish me luck. my days of confinement are over.

we need some dictatorship right now. Or even some martial law. in the news Sweden is in deep shit with the virus. those people are fools. in the news they said that the people were told to practice social distancing blahhh blahh. it was voluntary. it wasnt enforced. left to the people in short. and people are fools. they went out, they mingled with their friends, they partied...... so now the virus is spreading. they fucking get what they deserved. even the reporters and the doctors couldnt say it bluntly that the fucking shitheads don't use common sense and now the hospitals are filled with patients...hahaha..i could sense the tone how they are being all diplomatic when all they wanted is to be the opposite.what should have been done there and in the states is you step the fuck outside and ill fucking shoot you.

reminds me of the scene in avengers. Loki gives his speech in front of the museum before getting captured. he said freedom is a lie. humans are made to be ruled and subjugated. especially when they dont do what they are told. fuck your rights on not wearing a mask. bunch of idiots. i wonder if you can curse on live television. if someone was taking my interview i would pretty much say what i type would be fun.