Do Not Disturb

2020-11-18 14:01:48 (UTC)

Up All Night

I was up all night couldn't get any rest and I'm still up and its now 8:02 in the am.

Why can't I sleep ?

Too much on my mind maybe. I confronted Mel about the situation and how we kissed ect.... And he acted like he didn't know what we were talking about. I was so pissed at him because he acted like he didn't kiss me. Like, that's just straight up bullshit. He's a real asshole for that one and him for having the audacity to act like he doesn't give a fuck. I should've said no but I guess I haven't been kissed in a while I wondered what it's like to kiss him. He's nothing but a fuck boy and I told that straight to his face. I don't care how he feels because he doesn't feel a damn thing.

I got to drove to work and from work and I did a pretty good damn job if I say so myself and I parked. I'm surprised my mother let me drive at night. Hopefully, she'll let me drive again today and again tomorrow and again the next day until I get comfortable enough to get my license. I don't have my license yes but a lot of people my age don't have it either. But I will eventually. Eventually enough before college next year if they hurry up with my application already. 🙄

- A