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2020-11-20 22:33:55 (UTC)

Further than expected

19th November 2020
Once again I found it easy to get down to work. I've had two or three good nights' sleep, it makes all the difference. At lunchtime we went to the vegan burger place at the market. This time I got the proper burger instead of the salad one I got past week, but I didn't enjoy it, partly because I don't like their version of vegan cheese. Jack thinks the katsu curry place might still be open, but I doubt it, if the Box Park is closed.

In late afternoon I started to look up my tasks for tonight and realised the food bank I was running to is 10km from home, not 6km, so had to leave home sharpish. I ran up to Tottenham via the suggested quiet route, which was partly the one Jack and I accidentally discovered, when we couldn't turn right for ages after Arsenal and ended up at Finsbury Park. I got to the food bank a bit late but knew it would still be open. It took a while to find the right place to pick up the food - it was upstairs, where they'd done the sorting. I met a chatty girl Lily, from Earl's Court I think (or she works there) doing her second ever task. I was glad I didn't have to gather the food myself.

The route to the first delivery was easy, as it was near Park Lane, the name of one of the ends at Tottenham 's old ground, so I know where that is. I saw their new ground for the first time; it's huge. I had a bit of trouble finding the address for the food delivery as I poked around a council estate. Eventually I saw a wall-plan and found a door with a big "4" on it, which was the number I wanted, but the door actually led to numbers 1, 2 and 7, as well as parts of another street! However I looked a bit further on, and found numbers 3 to 6. A woman asked if I was cold in my T-shirt. I was, but not as cold as I feared I'd be when I left the food bank and realised it was a 25-minute walk to the first address. I did have gloves and a hat, and carrying things usually warms you up a bit.

At the second delivery, there were two buttons. I chose the wrong one, and the woman who came down wasn't very happy. I ran home the quick way, soon getting to Seven Sisters Road. At Finsbury Park, a man was quite angry, shouting at me that I shouldn't go out in a T-shirt, a bit unfair as I was running this time. I was very tempted to get a bus which came up alongside me just after Finsbury Park, but I resisted the temptation, though I was very tired. I'd run 19km, interspersed with a bit of standing around and an almost 4km walk carrying bags of food. We watched another episode of The Great Plague instead of going out to get food.