the anger games.
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2020-11-20 19:46:00 (UTC)

day 1369. missed the rain

it's raining like crazy but i can't get up to look out the window because of this stupid IV bag. it's so fuckin annoying and sad.
i was going to tweet about it but yesterday when i tweeted this meme about self pity, B texted me exactly a minute later. i hate that. it feels like my tweets pressure him to talk to me. it makes me overthink twitter too much. i hadn't tweeted in a few months before yesterday for this reason.
i dont want to be a burden for fucks sake can people just let me be. i dont want your love i have nothing to give you in return please stop letting me hurt you because i will. if only you all can admit that im more trouble than im worth and just leave me alone, I'd see myself out of everyone's life forever. but you're letting me hurt you when im alive and you'd let me hurt you even more when im dead.
it's been a long week.