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2020-11-20 09:09:38 (UTC)

Just like that, it's Friday 😱

This week went by awfully quick. It's Friday already and I don't know where the week went. Work, gym, clean, etc, etc and next thing I know, it's Friday. Been to four gym classes this week. Today will make five. We got a newer coach by the way. A woman. So yeah...finally some eye candy. No complaints. hehe.

Work is coming along fine and instead of me trying to learn something from my fellow engineer that does the same projects I do, he instead calls me and asks me for help on something. Boy, what a loser. Dumbass!! Other than that, I'm loving work. Getting stuff done and learning more things as usual. Still not many coming to work physically but enough of a group to hang with and chat when it's a little slow.

I'm at 164 lbs now. Pffft!! I know why too. Eating all the leftover ribs from last weekend. Doh!! But I can't let it go to waste. 😊 Such a tragic life I lead huh?

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