London Life
2020-11-20 15:19:10 (UTC)

Running up that hill

Wednesday 18th November 2020
At lunchtime we picked up a prescription at Boots in Kentish Town for a local woman, apparently an Irish catholic, who in response said she would “pray” for us. We got a falafel wrap from E Mono – they do the best in the area and were so useful during the first lockdown. We ate it at the c106 park while we watched some teenage girls. After work I ran up several hills to Haringey, and helped move various things in a homeless hostel from one room to another, including an original computer game from the 1970s, the very simple tennis one. Then we had to take a lot of bedding up several flights of stairs.

We met a few of the homeless men staying there, seemingly from central Europe. My faithful fan Nurjehan was there; she was trying to get me to try “Haringopoly” when I get home, which I am guessing involves running between different sites in the borough, from an adjusted Monopoly board. But I would have to run to Finsbury Park just to get to the borough, never mind run within it. Sam was also there tonight (favourite biscuit – chocolate digestives), as was Kapil. Afterwards we took a picture on the zebra. I think the idea was to do an ‘Abbey Road’ type of picture, though I used to cycle to work up Abbey Road, and Japanese tourists trying to recreate the Beatles picture are a bit of a nuisance.

As we’d spent the intervening hour lugging stuff up stairs, I hadn’t rested since my uphill run, so my downhill run home was even slower. I got a bit lost, but knew to head downhill, so never went out of my way. Jack was out seeing his friend (talking to him from an outside porch), so we just had a sausage sandwich when he got in. Watched ‘Ghosts’, which was a bit different than usual. Instead of people visiting the house, it was a flashback to how one of the ghosts died, with different versions from different ghosts, amusingly having the actors in the flashbacks speaking in the way each character would have told it. For once, Charlotte Ritchie got to wear a mini-skirt, and very sexy she looked in it.