Beta sissy cock slut

Sissy slut degraded and humiliated by alpha males
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2020-11-20 02:37:00 (UTC)

sissy rules

Rules to be a good sissy slut
1.Wake up and shave body smooth daily
2.Cage your clit
3.Plug your sissy pussy
4.Be prepared always to serve a alpha male
5.Blow jobs are mouth only, if your hands move it jacking off
6.Acept you’re a beta and be the best beta
7.Remember sucking a alpha cock is a privalige and honor
8.You mean nothing to the men who use you
9.You are a cumdump and fuck hole
10.Never say no to a alpha
11.Ak permission to touch and suck his cock
12.Thank him for the cock.
13.Your are a whore slut bitch to be bred and used for alpha males
14.Dress like a slut
15.Be the nastiest slutty bitch for him
16.You are a whore for him to pimp
17.You are property
18.You have no say.
19.Obey alpha males orders.
20.Any alpha male can ask you for sex and you will say yes.
21.Anytime anyplace andwhere and with anyone
22.Motto= A hard cock is a terible thing to waste
23.Pussy is not for you your clit is to small
24.Cencored porn is your porn
25.You’re a cum recepticle
26.You are nothing but a warm wet hole for cocks to use
27.You must have cock daily
28.You swallow
29.You need cum to live happy
30.You are a sex toy/ slave
31.Never say you have a dick. You have a clit
32.You have a sissy pussy
33.Let strangers use you
34.Never dress as a man allway dress as a girl. The sluttier the better
35.Its ok to ask men to suck there cock.
36.Cum is a sissies pay.
37.You are to be used degraded humilated filmed
38.Once a beta your always a beta sissy slut
39.Alpha males own you.
40.Be the nasty used cumdump whore you are
41.You were born a sissy a beta
42.Dick slaps are telling you suck his cock
43.Film you beta hole getting used
44.Place ads letting men know your advalable for use
45.Be willing to pay alpha male to suck there cock remeber its a honor to suck a alpha cock.
46.Take hormone to shrink your clitty more
47.Your his whore slut cunt bitch skank fuck hole cumdump to use anyway he wishes.
48.If not out then out yourself. The more men who know the more will use you.
49.You eat all cum you see including your own.
50.You are a pussy free, hand humping, white nasty, used,beta,sub,sissy cock sucking gapping anal whore for him to use as a fuckhole and cumdump slut to use abuse degrade humilate own film sell loan give away pimp and publicly use
51.Be a proud sissy slut.
52.Your only good to take cock
53.Betas love to serve
54.Show other betas the sissy slut life
55.Follow his instructions. Your lucky to be used