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2020-11-19 19:23:33 (UTC)

Shoutout Friends Thurs: 11-26-2020:

Dayan L (she has her sister issues)
Edyth L (sister issue)
Andrea Nicole O.
Hashtag for Friends Thurs: #shoutoutFriendsthursThankfulThursday
Game: On The floor Choreography Challenge: (8 rounds): (Girls Only)
Round 1: Norma A, Amanda A and Daniela Coronado.
Round 2: Ariel B, Linette S, Bev Gonzalez, Geo G, and
Round 3: Yliana B, Audrey B, Sara Marie, and
Round 4: Andrea Lu, Valerie Gonzalez, Paulina Alejandra and Andrea Leal.
Round 5: Alondra B, Paulina M, Valerie Adame.
Round 6: Sarah Y, Camila R, Bryana V, Ashley O and Alex V. (Team Eastlake Middle Girls 2014)
Round 7: Majorie E, Pau Pau Aguilar, Kari A, and Paulina B.
Round 8: Megan G, Danelly H, Brisa D and Andrea E (She has the sister Itzel has joined on Friends thurs since her career in The first episode in May 22, 2017)
Not Choreography Challenge:
Rolando R
Victor G
Emilio G
Celeste Marie L
Amina S
Maddie B
Maddie D
Evelyn Black
Evelyn C
Lexa Fernanda
Nadia R