Experienced Life
2020-11-19 09:11:26 (UTC)

A little deeper thinking than normal this morning 🤔

Nice crisp cool morning this morning. Great night sleep and I feel so refreshed, so new waking up this morning in this cool weather. Still habitually need my coffee but I almost can do without it this nice cool morning. I don't want to let that inner hamster wheel spin like crazy but I do have a little deep thinking this morning for no reason whatsoever. This morning like all other single people not in a relationship, I wake up alone. Covid like everyone else has effected our social life just a tad.

Some of us or maybe a lot of us may be depressed because they are alone and we start thinking back of our past relation or relationships but now we're alone. Covid doesn't help the current situation and it's worldwide. Then we compare those days with the "Now". Now you may be alone and might feel pretty bummed out. Well, let me express what's rattling around in my little brain. That person in that past had enough man skills (or woman skills) that we were able to attract that now ex or exes. So you need to know that you have that in you to be amazing to win someone else. You have proof that you met that someone and you attracted them enough to be with you. It's still in you. I know it's still in me. Hopefully with this time off, I can look at things I may not have liked about myself and continue to work and improve myself. I'm pretty sure that touch of perv in me isn't going away. haha. That part is my little niche I think and to be honest, that little part of me turned on some women and they went ape poop wild. I know because yeah.. behind closed doors, I've had first hand experiences with what I'm saying. Ok, drifting a little. My bad.

Anyway, this Covid thing? Take advantage of it. Look into yourself on what you need to improve on and do it. I already said a gazillion times that I am starting my new years now and not use the calendar new year to do it. Covid will die down or I will die from it. hehe. 🤪 Regardless, Covid will end or it will end you. When it's over, there will be a influx on humans wanting to socialize, wanting intimacy, warmth, and all that lovey-dovey stuff. Be ready. Be a better person while you have time to work on yourself. Choose wisely because there will probably be a lot of Covid -rebound type of people wanting or needing to be with someone.

Till that day comes, don't get fat watching Netflix. Try to keep your body within a reasonably healthy shape. I personally am in the middle of my second week of working out and today will be my 4th gym class. Last week I made it to 6 classes. Be ready folks. Keep your mind just as sharp. Enjoy the journey because there is no rewind. Love yourself. Set up boundaries for yourself. Remember that you are an amazing person.

Yours truly,
Mr. Rainbows and Unicorns 🤩

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