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me and my life
2020-11-19 15:16:36 (UTC)

Things on track yet??

Hmmm... Well things are verrryy slowly coming on track but k don't want to acknowledge as it fall off track whenever I feel that everything is going to be ok. Well mom is recovering. We have a help now to doing house chores thanks to God. I cook food that's it. On chums. I hope everything will be fine soon. I have started looking for jobs again. Also I should start the boy hunt. Getting an nri seems difficult. Well let's see. I am being patient now I know things will fall on places on right time.

I still miss v, I still feel the ove we had and I still get angry on him. How is he living a good life without me?? Wowwww... I hate him. Sometimes I feel like calling him and give an earful then k feel fuck it. I still cry in the night there is not a single day that I don't think of him or the time we had. Was sooooo fucking Beautiful... I want that back. I wish I could relive that moment. I know I'll forget all this when I meet someone who will love me. Let's wait for that day till then living and cherishing the beautiful moments in feeling uffoooo....