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2020-11-19 18:15:55 (UTC)

my dream job.

my dream job is a balance between satisfaction and getting paid. after spending years working along humans i've come to the conclusion that they are a bunch of fools. i love animals. like all of them. lizards to lions. nothing makes me go ewwww except again...human behavior.

as a kid i used to watch the animal planet a lot. this show called emergency vets. thats when my desire to shower animals with unconditional love grew. i couldn't be a vet cause i ain't so smart for a medical profession.

then comes the show the dog whisperer. he became my role model. i wanted to work for him so badly.

my dream job would be working with animals having just enough money to stay alive. more shit you own the more entropy it creates and more time is wasted managing it. a trainer in a zoo. or a helper in an animal shelter. or the best suited job for me is anti poaching. my love for killing humans and defending animals all rolled into one. i would be the best terminator ever. happy thoughts.

criminals should be fed to the wildlife. like ancient rome the gladiator fights etc. feed them to the lions. the crime rate would drop and the animals wouldn't starve. why don't we have that anymore? if i had powers that would be the first thing in my agenda.

prisons are a waste. its our tax money which keeps them alive. just execute them. be done with it. that would be my second thing to do as president.