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2020-11-19 13:47:28 (UTC)

Anyone here since 2012?

I went back in time and found out that I started writing here around the year 2012. There is this site which takes snapshots of all the websites and saves them in a mega archive. So I found this website there. I found my name in the public diaries list.

Though the ages I kept changing my name. After writing about 200 entries I used to delete and start all over. Some kind of closure you could say. If I didn't delete I would have had over a few thousand entries easily. Also for months I didn't write but somehow the site drew me back always.

I have seen the site evolve before my eyes. I've seen the change in the entries. First it was all out bombardment on whats in our hearts. It was raw. I could feel the depression and the frustration, the happiness and the joy. There was almost no mention on politics or external variables. It was just you and your thoughts. It was before everyone got fucking offended on every small thing. I miss those days. It became pretty dark sometimes reading others entries cause you could relate. Now I don't find any entry I can relate to. Its all so different. Can't explain it.