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The Final Game
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2020-11-19 00:04:17 (UTC)


I've got to wake up by 10. Then go to the tailor dude who is 15 mins away. Be back by 11 for work.

I need to alter 6 of my pants since they don't fit me no more. In lockdown I may have put on some extra weight. So will give him three tomorrow. Plus will have to pick up the ones I gave to the dry cleaners on Monday. All that before 11. Gotta rush rush. Hope the fuck faces don't waste my time in idle chit chat.

My heavy metal t-shirts will be coming in next week. Bought a new set of black color hangers for them..duhhh.

Always there is going to be someone who is better than what you do. Only thing you can be is the best version of you. And pray someone hires your ass for it..haha.