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2020-11-18 22:36:04 (UTC)

Absolute power corrupts...

We all know for s fact that given the power to do anything..we all be our own version of Trump. Face it. It's true.

I would be a combination of a Sith and Trump. We all want to rule the world in our image of what's right and wrong. Fuck democracy. Democracy means if the idiots outnumber the sensible then the idiots win. That's exactly the case right now everywhere...right??

That dude wanted to make the country great. Maybe he was blunt and in your face. He took bad decisions. We all do. Its better than democracy for sure.

I would definitely make laws to benefit my race. I'd keep the scum away from cities. Make sure jobs are on merit. Did you know there's a fucking quota system just based on religion. Like even if your fucked up you can get a job over the more experienced person just cause you got a quota. Heck I would do that too. Fuck equality. If the job fits you take it. Thats it. Fuck your religion or gender. Maaannn people are dumb not to get this.

I don't think there are any good people left. Just do what's good for you. And survive.