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2020-11-18 18:18:19 (UTC)

Stop it

you ever write something and then feel all relaxed and light like you have taken a nice huge shit. then you take a step back and read it and say to yourself, thats the writing of one whiny little bitch.

happens a lot to me.

when i get fed up, i need to release. so i write here. sometimes i may just hit save. other times i hit delete. i need it out of my system. cheaper than therapy i'll say.

when i write being all red eyes it feels i'm in the trunk of the car and someone else is at the wheel. just as Banner told Thor in Ragnarok. a lot of movie references are just flying through my head.

good morning all you western head fuckers. as you start your day mine comes to a close. We are ahead of you. like i'm from the future. your present as you will read this is my past. again Hulk and Ant man conversation from End Game. if anyone remembers it. man i miss the time when the most exciting thing was the marvel universe. they were good but not upto the hype created by the humans.

if i were to list such franchises to my liking then, LOTR would be numero uno. Star Wars comes a close second. Star Trek and Terminator both hold steady at third place. those movies wont be forgotten for a long long time. marvel and dc are comparatively new in this game. my cousin who was ripe for the age for marvel universe went all hyper on it. but he like so many ignored the comics and was blank on the history of things. he had never touched a comic book. cant blame him as when the smart phone came into his hands his mind went dumb..hahaha. so then i said go read em. don't think he did. teenagers...

i saw a kind of documentary on Trump. it did change my views on him. i can now see why he is what he is. why he did what he did. its so easy to judge someone without knowing their history. even though he is a moron its good to know why. certain things which im sure no other candidate had the balls to say. fwe things i agreed. wish i would throw out all the scum of this land and make it great again. build a wall or something.

im craving for some human intimacy or evena bj. being single sucks.