Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-11-17 22:04:04 (UTC)

Being alone is better than being in bad company

Being alone is better than being in bad company. Have you ever heard of this saying?
Here's an example in case you don't know:
"Katie always was known as the nice girl, yet she had very little friends. One day Sadie and Samoan, renown thieves and liars, went to Katie and asked her 'hey why don't we three hang out together? Katie is really awesome', Katie was flattered. she always thought the two girls were cool kids but never truly got to know them. They went shopping together and Katie bought all her stuff, but on her why out the door security stopped all three of them and seized the bags of Sadie and Samoan. they found toys and snacks that were unpaid for and all three girls were detained until the police arrived. 'But I'm a good girl!' Katie cried. Security responded saying, 'If you're such a good girl then why are you hanging out with these two?.' Katie had no clue how to defend herself."

See the moral of the story? No it is not keep your receipts (although do that too just in case you can accused), it's about making sure you're not with the wrong people. But tell me now, would you rather be alone? For me, alone for how long? until I get home? until I meet out with friends at school? or am I so lonely that I have nobody to call a friend? Because if I'm feeling lonely I'm going to take the bait, and hold onto it even if I see a dark path. If I'm alone just for the moment then that's completely different than being lonely. And being alone does not mean feeling lonely. But when I am lonely, I'd much rather be in bad company

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