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2020-11-16 20:23:10 (UTC)

Sold! 🥴

Pool table just sold. Feels kinda funny just like when I sold my foosball table. Felt almost like I was selling piece of me in a way. It started with me selling my motorcycle, then my foosball table and now my pool table. Feels like I was giving away a part of me. Yeah... but I know what's right and I don't need this pool table anymore. If I feel like crap, I'll just watch one of the shows from "Hoarders" and I'll feel better 🤪.

Life goes on so I need to make my personal changes. I know I'm doing the right thing but dang... I sold it for $750 which is not bad. I actually have a receipt from the people I bought it from for $675 so I accrued a little interest. lol .

Oh and regarding drinking that mulled wine last Saturday, never fricking ever again!! That thing tasted good and sweet but it messed me up for two days. I felt like I was working out today with a two day hangover. But knowing me, I say that now but won't learn my lesson because because. That's why. :)

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