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2020-11-16 16:12:50 (UTC)

Discipline is a mind set.

Well I finaly decided to begin an excercise rutine, belive it of not only one time in my life have I've excercided before to loose weight, this time is for a difrent reason, I need to get fit, tone up my muscles and feel a little better about the way I look, when I was 21 I began to gain weight without changing my eating habits this was strange to me because of my type 1 diabetes I've always have to be extra carful about how I eat, so I got to be 220 Lbs and size 18 on pant's before I got the courage to begin making changes in my life style, so first thing I did, I stoped eating out, began preparing my own food, got a membership at the gym, funny thing is it was right before Christmas when I started excersicing, I would run for 20 minutes and swim for 40 minutes, from Monday to friday in the evenings, I starded excercising arround end of september and by my next birthday in Febuary I had gone from a size 18 to a size 13 in pants. My brothers all freaked out, they could not belive the change I had made, I then stayed a little on the heavy side for a few more months before I got pregnant with my first born, I continued to loose weight troughout my pregnacy with Dr. supervision and by the time I had my baby nursed him for 5 mnths I had gone back to size 10 in pants, and 165 Lbs and felt so difrent, I felt like myself again, and know since I was a mother I had to keep my self a lot more active taking care of my baby. I know most women strugle with their weight in all cultures and difrent parts of the world is normal for us to feel with low selfesteem. but onece you set your mind to it nothing can stop you, because I was so heavy at one point in my life I was left with a lot of un fit areas in my body, witch is what I will focus on these workout, I know because of the way I'm built I will get fit in a couple of mnths if not sooner, is all about dicipline witch am greatful I have no problem doing. Wish me luck! I have been in 165 lbs almost ever since, except for my last child's pregnacy I gain 12 lbs, but right after birth managed to loose them again. So now a difrent way of taking care of my self I ain't getting any yunger so best to start today, I woke up 6:30 am and got to excercise for 30 minutes with some crossfit like excercises and man did it took a big efort to keep up with the phase, at the end I was sweating like if I had runned forever. But it felt so amazing, I did not think it would have this efect on the way I feel but now that I know I'm looking foward to tomarrows sesion. Hope you all have a great week start I know I am. :)

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