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2020-11-16 08:01:54 (UTC)

Weekend blur 🤔

The weekend was pretty much a blur. I wake up and it's already Monday morning. Unlike other Mondays from the past few months, I gotta work now. hehe. But yeah, last weekend was phenomenal. Saturday, I drank way too much beer and wine. Did my morning gym class then we went to Apple Hill and they had wine tasting there along with a place called Jack's brewery. Then when we got home, I had a poker game to go to. I took second on that one. By the time it was time to go home, I was wasted. Little pockets of lost time that night. 🤪

Sunday, I hosted a BBQ and I had to use all three of my smokers. Ended up with way too much food and so I gave away lots of leftovers. It was good though. I learned how to make pork ribs much better now. I tried different rubs and when I tasted it last night, I didn't even have to use any bbq sauce even though I had a lot of it.

Then this lady that's pretty cute was chatting with me. She invited me to her place for Thanksgiving and she wants to go fishing with me since she's now sorta hooked on it. Her ex bf got her into it and she found a new hobby I guess. The thing it, I asked her out once and got turned down. Now that I got used to it and I have friend-zoned her, now she is acting like she don't want to be friend-zoned. Hehe. I think no matter how long I post here on this site, I will never ever understand women. haha. Jk. I know the what and the why now. They want a challenge and they want what they can't have. Then only if both get along and with time will you both know if you're compatible. But as for me, no longer interested. I think her kids make it harder for her to date. Well, her daughter is fine but her son is a piece of work for sure. Sorry but that's the things I look at if and when I date again. You have to consider the kiddos now.

So the weekend like I said was a blur. Had a lot to do. Fun stuff though. Oh yeah, we are in lockdown supposedly? Haha. Glad my neighbors weren't Karens. I'm pretty sure I had way more than allowed for small family gatherings.

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