Life of a High Schooler
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2020-11-16 00:00:00 (UTC)


For starters, those of you who want to know how much I hate my step family, I saw my stepsister at school and instantly got pissed. She say anything just glared at me and I glared back and boom my great day has become a bad day. I’m mainly so pissed with my sister because she doesn’t do shit at work. Here’s some background. So I applied for the job that I have now and she found out and instantly got jealous because I had a job and she didn’t. I rightfully earned my job, she had my fucking step dad do her interview for her, he also filled out her resume AND application. I did all of those by myself. AND she’s always on her phone during work, she’s always complaining in the first 5 minutes of her job, AND she’s bitchy to EVERYONE. Literally no one at work likes her. If she continues like this by the end of the month she’s either gonna quit or she’s gonna get fired. She’s also the type of person who will bitch about you to other people and then she’ll follow you on instagram and be all nice to you. Like what the actual fuck. I hate her so much. If I get people texting me “Oh hates a strong word,“ or, “You don’t actually hate her you’re just saying that.” No I’m being dead fucking serious I almost hate her more than my dad, and that’s saying something. I don’t normally say I hate people, but dude she’s a whole different category with lazy, dramatic, and spoiled brat.(Which are all the things she calls me) For one, I love work. I enjoy it, it’s fun. I mean yea my feet hurt and my back hurt but I enjoy my work. My manager also has given her the easiest job EVER, which i just giving people their pizzas through the drive through window. She doesn’t even do that, so because she doesn’t fucking do it i have to do it. So I have to do her job, register, AND serve/bust tables. AND SHE HAS THE AUDACITY TO COMPLAIN SHE HAS SO MUCH WORK TO DO. Like bitch you just stand there on your fucking phone, SO HARD.🙄😤 She won’t have this job for long I can tell you that now.