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2020-11-16 19:04:12 (UTC)


Entropy is a fact of life, you can hide from from it but it arrives just the same... change is constant too.

but what i don't get is why change must make things more difficult than it is. Simple example is my phone. 6000 mAh battery. huge ass battery to last days. which was true. but then after two software updates the bitch don't last me till the next day. fuck you samsung and your updates. same with Windows. fucking updates makes your laptop run slower instead of making it better.

this website too i have seen a lot of changes. not all are good ones. i don't like this new design at all. but then the owner has his own limitations and restrictions. i get that. before it was so simple the layout. click here and u are there. now there are dropdown menus and stuff keeps moving all over. technology progresses and the website code must evolve too. old codes wont work. but then they say old is gold. old was simple. new is complex. why does it have to be like that? Moore's Law says that technology will advance every few years. things will get smaller and compact. prices will vary. but its so fucking hard to make complex things work simple. once that is solved then baammm it's beam me up Scotty for all of us.