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2020-11-15 06:33:44 (UTC)

Rekindle Responses From Family!

I recently disclosed to my family that my ex husband who I have been divorced from for a little over 25 years wants to rekindle the relationship. I got so many different responses from my family after telling them. I told my cousin first, she said well allow him to take me places and enjoy myself but let him know that’s as far as it goes. My sister is suspicious, she immediately said something is up it seems fishy and strange especially after all these years. She also said tell his old decrepit self to kick rocks because we don’t go backwards. Lol! But she also asked me was I still interested in him? I immediately told her no I’m not interested. She also wanted to know why now after all these years. I told her he felt he didn’t give us a chance in our younger years. She then wanted to know how many times has he been married? I told her I asked the same question and his response was seven times total. She said his problem is he doesn’t want to be alone. I then told my baby brother and he immediately said hell no you’re not going back to him (he actually used profanity), I agreed, I told him I have no plans of rekindling the relationship especially after all these years. His response was that’s one of the things he always like about his sisters once the man messed up it was over no going back. Now our son we have together said the same thing my cousin said, he said allow him to continue to take me places and enjoy myself but if he crosses the line to let him know immediately, he said because we’re not having any of that. Lol!