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2020-11-15 14:47:22 (UTC)

Awesome Day Part Two!

Wow! My weekend has been really awesome my god brother who I’ve seen for the first time this year came to visit me, as soon as I got in the car I was so excited to see him and emotional because I’ve really missed him so much we instantly began hugging each other and I immediately told him we may not be biologically related but you’ll always be my brother to me and this is going to be the last time we wait this long to see each other. Yes, we’ve talked on the phone a few times but I truly felt I needed to physically see him which I did and it made me so happy. After hugging each other I had him take me back to a friends home I visited the day before because he knew her too and I wanted him to see her also. Soon as we walked in to her home she was excited to see him because it had been years since she seen him, we stayed for awhile, talked and reminisce about old times. Then he and I left to go visit my cousins, sadly only one of them was home at the time we went but he still talked, joked and laughed with the one that was there. After leaving my cousins we went to visit an old girlfriend of his who I wanted to see because I hadn’t seen her in a few years, even though they’re no longer together they still talk occasionally on the phone and I wanted to see her because I’ve missed her. Once he and I left there we went to get something to eat and he drove near the beach in the city of Long Beach where he parked for us to continue talking and reminiscing. I was so happy and thankful he did this for me because 2020 has been a tough and emotional year for me, we finished eating, he drove me home, we hugged and said our goodbyes. I also told him he’s going to come pick me up again and we’re going riding to the mountains where he wanted to take me but it was to late. I love him so much!