The Jigsaw

The Final Game
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2020-11-16 12:13:15 (UTC)

Solving problems backwards.

Reverse engineering. We have read and heard of it a lot in movies. Why not try it on our problems.

So you ask questions to get your answers to your problems. Each answer is its own next question.
For example.

Why am I depressed?
Because I'm stuck here in the city

Why are you stuck?
No money.

Why no money?
Cause I don't have a good paying job.

Why no good job?
Cause I didn't pay attention to my career choice when I was young.

So there you go. The cause of the problems is ME. Not the world. No the circumstances. But my poor ass choices. Also once I leave this shithole I know I'll be happier.

You have to be true to yourself for it to work though. Takes balls to blame oneself and take responsibility.