taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-11-16 03:42:18 (UTC)

my brain wanders...

had a thought today that lead to some research. and then a, I don't know, happy memory, realization. 2013, the year of the awesomenaught. maybe the last truly good year. voltar, clunk (and the gang). so many hours logged. vee and i, clunk and voltar - we got fucking good as a tandem. crashing down into endless battle zones, droids, turrets, opponents... no match for her explosiveness and me with the healz (and exploding balls of death). literally. it was one of the few times we felt like equals, for me at least. and that's totally on me for being trapped in ableism. but it felt great to be so in sync and skilled at that game, to share that activity. one of the few. which probably highlights a deficiency. i cracked 100 on the leaderboard and i took it as an accomplishment and a point of pride. i mean really, did anyone else get that kind of tactical proficiency out of voltar? i think fucking not.

and then one day we didn't log on, we didn't play it anymore. it was taken off the playstation plus thing or whatever and that was that. i don't think we shared a common bond in that way again. like, we rocked the house and there was that mutual, it was our thing. it was our thing.

a year or two later and we were seeing through each other. drifting. But 2013. voltar and clunk fucked shit up.

clunk smash