Do Not Disturb

2020-11-16 01:50:44 (UTC)

The Kiss

Ever sinc we kissed those 3 times its like now he's ignoring me. And all I try to do is say hey to him and talk to him. He usually calls me puppy love and that he doesn't do anymore. I'm invisible to him. He's been flirting with all these other girls at work when he has a girl of his own and 7 kids.. Yep... 7 kids. I could never have that many. He's 27 years old. I shouldn't have gotten so caught up but one little kiss will do. Just one little peck on the lips and he's already acting different. Just the other day he asked for my number and I wrote it down. I waited to see if, he was gonna text me and he never did. I guess I was to EASY for him that he could just kiss me whenever he likes and then ignore me afterwards. Well, to bad for him I've moved on already. I hate that I have to work with him everyday.

Nigel was suggesting us as friends with benefits since all we ever really do is talk about sex with each other. But I don't want friends with benefits yet he's not ready for a " relationship". Maybe that's the truth or maybe that's an excuse for him to keep his options open so he could still talk to other girls besides me. We're just friends right now. He hasn't asked me out.. And even if he were to ask me out and I was to get into college for next year. It might wouldn't have work out. And we wouldn't be able to see each other at all. I haven't seen him in person yet but we video chatted very often many times before.

JT tried getting back together with me but I just couldn't go through with it saying we could chill ect... Knowing when damn well it would leave to us having sex. So, we stopped communicating since then.

40 more days till Christmas well 39 more days now. Forget Thanksgiving. We're only their for the food anyways.


- A

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