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2020-11-15 19:27:58 (UTC)

Time Ran From Me

Being here is still an enigma and yet I can't bring myself to delete this diary. It'll be a new year soon and with it the hope for a new beginning. It's been raining all day, it's been cold, finally summer ended. It took its time for sure.

C and I have been a little bumpy but what else is new. I've had a new friend for months that I neglected to mention here. He properly introduced me to BDSM. Let's call him, DG. We've been talking almost every day for the past six months or so.

It's very likely A will never speak to me again.

More often than not, I've been inside my head. When I don't have to fulfill obligations, that is. I've been working on setting up my own studio and with it I'll finally have an art shop up and running.

I don't have any inspiration for much else for now. Considering I actually wrote something this time is quite amazing.

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