La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-11-15 15:24:37 (UTC)


Spanglish is the word refering to a leguage mixed of Spanish and english, youspeak a few wrods in spanish and a few in english in the same sentance, darnest thing to listen to if your not use to this...well in my hometown most people grow up doing this since most are bilingual, for my husband how ever was very confusing way of listening topeople comunicate. I woke up thinking of this because last night when my son cross the border to enter the U.S.A. he was very nervous, he gruw up all his life here in my husband hometown and learnen only the basic english, he understands it a lot more than he speaks the lenaguage, even though I would always talk to him in english he refuse to anwsered back the same way. He chose to speak spanish most of the time.
I wish him well, gave him our blessing and pray that everything goes well for him, he is eager to learn and grow in the indestry of construction, and then he wants to get in to realstate, seems like he grew way to fast he is just a young boy, I'm hopeing he can reenter school nest year, and that all this covit stuff can be a little more regulated by next year. Any how, Sundays always seem like a very relaxed day, I'm hoping to run some aarons and do some shoping, I am not one to get excited about night fridays or anything like that, funny I'm not much in to shopping, I chose to bye only things that are necesery or that I absolutly need, or want. but I choose wisely since most of the time we end up with more clutter. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.ta ta.