Life of a High Schooler
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2020-11-15 00:00:00 (UTC)


So Friday I worked for 5 hours and it was super busy, me and my trainer had over 30 orders to make and 15 of them were going on 45 minutes or over. It was crazy. Last night I worked the register and as a server/buster(as buster just cleans the tables for those of you who don’t know). I had a couple of very difficult people. For starters while I was serving there was this old couple. I was making another table’s side salads and my mask had fallen off my nose for like 2 seconds and I put back up. The other server at the time was talking with the couple and afterwards she came to me after I served the other table and told me that the couple didn’t want me serving them because I had my mask down. When they left I told them have a good night it a kind tone and they just glared at me, they didn’’t even give us a tip. I was so mad. Then while I was working at the window(we are dine-in and drive thru type restaurant) and this old man told me he had an order and I asked for his name but he wouldn’t give it to me. So I calmly asked him for his name so I can look up his order he gave it to me and I told him there was no order under his name and I told him I’d get someone to help me since I was still training. At this point he started getting agitated. So my co-worker asked him for the last four digits of his number and said that it didn’t ask for his number so she asked for the digital receipt but he said he left his iPad at home. He started raising his voice at this point and we told him we’d get the manager.(There was also another customer in the drive thru behind him with their window open but we’ll get back to that customer later) So my manager starts talking to him, mind you none of us were rude or raised our voices at all, and he starts screaming at us, not yelling, screaming. So we continue calmly talking to him that he probably ordered at another restaurant and he told us we were calling him liars. We asked him if he wanted to make an order right there so we could make his order but he(still screaming) said we’d spit on his pizza and sped off. I was on the verge of tears at this point and my manager saw and she put her hand on my shoulder and told me it’d be ok and if that happens again just get her and she’d handle it. So the next guy comes up to the window and he asks me what happened with the guy in front of him and I told him that the guy thought he ordered food but it wasn’t coming up so he just kinda sped off. Then the customer asked me if I was ok because I looked like I was about to cry and I said I was about to cry but I’d be fine, and then I hear this little girl’s voice probably 3 or 5, and she asked me if I needed a hug. I smile(even if they couldn’t see because of my mask) and I told her that I didn’t need a hug. I gave them their order and told them to have a good night and he gave me a $10 tip even though his order was only $5.67. I cried a little bit after that, he was just so kind to me even though he didn’t know me and it just made my night. When people tell you a little kindness goes a long way it really does. That man and his daughter made my entire night even though I had to deal with a bunch other hard costumers for the rest of the night. So please even if your server gets an order wrong or takes awhile please PLEASE be patient and kind to them it means so much, even a little bit a a bigger tip(not saying you need to give them $10 more than needed but even a dollar up would be great). I’m just saying you have no idea what other people are going through, especially during this whole pandemic, a little kindness is amazing and will literally make someone’s day.