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2020-11-14 06:09:22 (UTC)

Awesome Day!

Today was awesome I visited my brother who passed away old girlfriend and we really enjoyed ourselves. At first I didn’t know how the day was going to go because it has been a little over two years since we’ve seen each other but the moment she opened the door we was hugging each other and saying how much we missed each other. She invited me in and all we did was talk about our current lives and reminisce about my brother and old fun times we had. We talked about our medical problems too and unfortunately she’s really sickly and now walks with a walker and has speech impairment. I told her we’re not going to wait this long to see each other again and the next time we’re going somewhere to eat and talk to get out the house. She now has a new boyfriend who she really likes. I’m so happy for her and glad she’s found someone. I thanked her for loving my brother who I truly miss so much and wish he was still here.