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2020-11-14 20:50:17 (UTC)

I Love My Cousin!

I’m so grateful for my cousin she always has a positive attitude and looks out for me and I really appreciate her so much. The job that I have been on for thirteen years I currently have is because of her, I had just quit the previous job I’d been on for 8 years because I had to take care of my mom and when I needed another job she again came through for me by letting me know they was hiring. I applied, went on the interview and got the job. I’ve been feeling down after being diagnosed with Epilepsy and she has truly been there for me, she’s been uplifting my spirits, makes sure I keep a positive attitude, she calls to make sure I’m okay and has been letting me be a tag along to go places with her without complaining. Lol! I told her thank you for allowing me to be a pester, of course she said I wasn’t but I said I am and thank you. She recently told me to don’t allow the diagnosis to over power my life and to fight, believe that things will get better. She also so fun to be around, she makes me laugh every time I’m around her. I truly enjoy her company each and every time we’re together. She’s planning a ladies trip for us to go on and I can’t wait to go. I’m so grateful!