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2020-11-15 00:36:54 (UTC)

Midnight Nightmares

Sadly nightmares woke me from my sleep.
Was running
It was dark
I was being chased
All after my nightmares of the rape that put 30 plus stitches in my insides because I was bleeding internally just 2 1/2 years ago.
Not sure why these nightmares happen.
Not sure what’s triggering them.
Not sure how to stop them.
I woke, ran to the bathroom. Had a smoke and was shaking. Felt as if I was being watched.
But sat there 20 minutes roughly.
Got myself calm enough to get up and come back to bed.
It’s storming outside. Thunder, lightning, odd because there’s snow on the ground, not much, but still seems odd.
The wind is blowing.
I remember what I did today, shaved my head, bleached my hair, watched 2 movies, played pac man and galaga.
Took an hour or so nap.
I did finally eat today. I hadn’t eaten in 2 days prior other than a 1 oz piece of salmon.
But, jotting this down in case I get details wrong later when I talk about it on Wednesday.
I’m going to drink a sea salt Gatorade and a muscle relaxer and try to sleep again.