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2020-11-14 23:18:00 (UTC)

03/12/2019: #RxmTorresFirstDate:

Clips for these shown:
1) Katie gets ready for the spring formal date:

2) Torres and Maris first meet:
At School: Main Hallway: We can see the bucket filled with green slime:
Torres: Maristellar.
Maristellar: Jorge I'm here baby fo--
Esteban: (pulls the bucket to Maris)
Maristellar: (screaming)
Esteban and his friends: (laughing)
Torres: It's me.
Maristellar: Ugh! Shit!!! Who the fuck are you?
Torres: It's Jorge! You don't have to say about bad things for you.
3) Torres wipes Maris' messy stuff for what Esteban did:
4) Rolando just sawed Torres Kissing Maris:
5) I will kick Esteban's ass in my car:
At Maris Car: Maris stops the engine:
Torres: Maris, what are you doing--
(They kissed)
Maris: I am having a affair between you and Esteban!
Torres: Maris, just chill!
(they kissed in the car, and Katie sees her sister kissing Torres, and she ended up open the car door)
Torres & Maris: (to Katie) Katie!
Maris: Katie, why are you here?
Katie: (gets in your car, and sits in the back)
Torres: Katie, my girlfriend Maris is here with us.
Katie: Oh, you meant my sister?
Torres: Yeah, you know.
6) Maris sees Esteban talking with Esteban's friends in the classroom:

7) Murguia, Torres, Maris: Circle in PE:

8) Torres has the secret date with Maris:

9) Kiara ended Torres for being a secret affair of Maris:

10) Katie, Torres, Maris: Date at The Park: