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2020-11-15 05:01:06 (UTC)

The only thing to do at 4am.

Online shopping. There's nothing like some late night online shopping to really brighten ya mood.

So this spree has left me with spending over 3 grand on metal band music t-shirts. Yep. Just t-shirts. Black color with the band logo etc. Over here each t-shirt is around 600 bucks. Fucking expensive.

Why I did it? Well for a couple of reasons. Firstly after clearing out my wardrobe realized half of my shit dont fit me anymore. After lockdown I think I have put on some and more. Its not visible but the clothes don't lie...hahha
Secondly with every shithead here spreading the joy of Diwali and I'm here in my den trying to get away from it all I thought ill buy me some t-shirts. I've never purchased them before. I hope the details are proper. The logos are printed proper and colors don't run.

I ordered t-shirts of Lamb of god, cradle of filth and slipknot. These three are my top fans in music. Its technically Sunday morning here. Might as well sleep.

Or try..